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Welcome to Cherished Memories.....                     Where it is Our Goal to take Your Special Moments and Create Memories that will be Cherished Forever.....                    Let Cherished Memories create a Photo Story DVD Slideshows that will turn Your Photographs and Videos into a Memory that You and Your Family will Cherish Forever.....                    Let Cherished Memories create an amazing Interactive Invitation for Your next Special Event......                   Let Cherished Memories create Your next Special Announcement.....                   Let Cherished Memories create a very Special Perpetial Memory of Your Loved Ones that will be Cherished Forever.....

 Grand Opening

Cherished Memories is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their new website.  A specialized website offering products and services that will allow its customers to cherish their memories forever.

 -Stop by often to see what new and innovative ideas we will be offering to help YOU cherish YOUR memories!  Click on one of the Links above to get a more detailed description of the products and services that we have to offer.

Cherished Memories Announces

Photo Stories 

Are you tired of keeping your photographs and videos from the special moments of your life hidden away in boxes or hard to view photo albums?   When was the last time that you and your family sat down together and reminisced about some of your special memories?

If you would like a better way to cherish and view your special moments then Cherished Memories has a special product just for you. 

Photo Stories is an innovative product that offers you a unique way of preserving your memories and creating a special story that will last a lifetime.  Cherished Memories will transform your photographs and videos into a Photo Story DVD slideshow complete with transitions, zooms, titles, and captions, set to the music of your choice.  Your Photo Story will certainly want to be viewed by you, your family and your friends for years to come.  We also offer online viewing for your Photo Story so that family and friends in distant places can also enjoy your Photo Story.  

To learn more about Photo Stories or to see some sample Photo Stories please click on the links below. 

Photo Stories

View Sample Photo Stories

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Visit our photography section where we have a large selection of beautiful framed photographs for sale.

We have a wide variety of wildlife, scenic, architecture and botanical portraits for you to chose from. 

Framed Photographs

The Benefits of 

  • Pure Digital Format
  • Improved Picture Quality & Color
  • Random Access to Scenes
  • Durable Disk Format
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At Cherished Memories we are dedicated to provide all of our customers with the best possible product at an affordable price.

We strive to offer the best customer service and will respond quickly to all of your requests and questions.